Success is a Journey

            Success is a state of mind, a process, a journey through habits that will bring you financial security, wealth and a greater freedom to pursue what you enjoy.  What are the steps to have a great life full of success? Are you following the steps needed to succeed, or just making excuses for your present and future failures?

            Most people think that success comes overnight.  Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s wrote: “I was a success overnight alright, but thirty years is a long, long night.” It’s not a lottery, you’re lucky number hitting one day and you are rich. Success is a process, it is a process of many failures. Most people are not successful in life because they give up after so many failures, rather than learn from them. I remember a story in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich” about a miner that gave up prospecting only three feet from his gold.

            In this world today, we, as people, are very impatient and want instant gratification. If we are not getting that dream job the time we come out of school, we don’t work. If we fail with our first experiment, we give up on them. Success is a mindset. If you can push through those failures and still believe with all your heart you will be successful, you are destined to make it. Being successful is not harder than being a failure, both are a choice, both will bring you events in your life of failures. Whether you accept defeat or learn from those events will determine if you are on the way to becoming successful or not.

            It is never too late to improve ourselves. That is part of our greatness. Always remember, as humans, we are great and can improve on any situations at any moment in time.  Improving learning is one of the best way; also keeping an open mind is very important. We have opportunities come to us every day.  It is up to us to see them and act on them.

            Are you one that makes excuses? I am too old or too young. I don’t have enough money, not strong enough. I am not educated enough, etc. These are all excuses that pull us further away from our success.  Just  remember there  is only  one way  to  guarantee  you will  never  fail, and that  is to  never try  anything.  But it is also the only way to never succeed. As for those excuses, they are only our fears talking through us. Fears we have developed over the years.  We are born with only two fears, the fear of falling, and the fear of noise. All other fears have been developed through bad experiences, peer pressure, etc.  You need to learn from those bad experiences, not run away from them.

            Mark Fisher and Marc Allen in their book ‘How to think like a millionaire’ say: “Failure is our way of learning and growing. In reality, there is no such thing as failure. It’s just part of our education on the way to our inevitable success.”  If we  look  at it that  way,  your  situation will  not  improve  if  you  do  nothing about it.

            Remember to dream. You see everyone in every book telling you to dream more. That is because it works.  Look at every great story of every successful people.  They all had a great dream, not just a simple fantasy, but a clean strong vision, your dream.  Determine the steps you need to take to get to that dream. Break down those steps into years, then months, weeks and days. When  circumstances out  of your control hit  and  you  have  a  failing event, remember  your dream  and  the steps  you are  taking towards  it. If you  concentrate on that  instead  of the failing  moment, you  will  realize you are  getting closer  to  your  dream  and  not  being  a failure. That  realization will  open  your  mind  more  and help  you  learn  from that failure  and  show  you more  ways  toward  success.

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